Kitchen Equipments

kitchen designEven though a person is cooking at home does not mean their food does not taste good. Many home cooks strive to make restaurant quality meals. A home cook does need the proper equipment to make sure their meals come out tasting great. There are several pieces of equipment that a home cook needs to prep their food, excluding grease trap that is usually useful in a restaurant kitchen.

Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

A mandolin will help make sure that fruits and vegetables are all cut evenly. If the food is cut evenly it will cook through at the same time. If some pieces of vegetables are bigger than others this can lead to uneven cooking time. Some pieces may burn while others may be raw. A mandoline will ensure this does not happen. Many of these items are made from fiberglass with a stainless steel blade so they are durable and easy to care for. There should be adjustable blades so a home cook can easily change between a julienne cut of different sizes. This kitchen tool will help slice fruits and vegetables quickly and easily.

Homemade dough can be a challenge to make. If the dough is too sticky than the food will not come out right. If the dough is overworked than this can cause trouble as well. A dough cutter can help with this problem. The dough cutter can help make sure the dough comes out right every time. The dough cutter can be used while mixing the dough to make sure it is properly mixed. The cutter can also be used to cut perfect portions of dough and get the extra measurement that is needed in a recipe. This cutter can also make sure the same size of dough is used for every portion in the dish. The dough cutter has a one piece blade as well as a silicon handle which makes it easy to use.

Kitchen Shears

These shears have a number of uses in the kitchen. They can be used to cut vegetables, meats, and a number of other foods. The shears come apart so they will be easy to clean. They also have a built in bottle opener to help open bottles when cooking. The shears have stainless steel blades so they will be sharp and will be able to cut through foods after many uses.

Pancake Dispenser

preparing pancakeMaking the perfect pancake for a home cook is a lot harder than it sounds. If the pancakes are different sizes they will have different cooking times. The pancake dispenser will allow all the pancakes to have the same size. There will be no wasting of the batter and there will be no mess. Most pancake dispensers can hold up to 40 ounces of batter which is more than enough for the whole family. The portion sizes are adjustable so a person can make large or small pancakes.

These are just some items that every home cook should have. These kitchen items will make sure that everything cooks properly and will make cooking fun and enjoyable.